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Eternal Deck Build: Martyr

This is an old post, information on this page may now be out of date This is an Eternal deck I really enjoy playing. The idea is that by attacking you your opponent will actually help you, making their short term victory on the battlefield a rather Pyrrhic one. This is achieved by using units […]

Eternal Deck Ideas

For me one of the best things about a collectible card game (CCG) like Eternal is building your own decks. I love playing with ideas and coming up with combinations that are interesting and fun to play – even if they don’t win! Here I’m going to share a few ideas for deck builds that […]

Eternal Card Game: Review

Eternal is a new collectable card game (CCG) from Dire Wolf Digital. It’s still in Early Access on Steam and has just gone into open beta. Lots of people have described Eternal as being like a cross between Hearthstone (HS) and Magic the Gathering (MTG). Now I’ve never liked either HS or MTG, so for […]

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