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Rimworld Beta 19: Polish the Canons

Earlier this year, Tynan Sylvester said that the next release of Rimworld would be the much anticipated “1.0”. However things have changed and the new release is in fact beta 19, subtitled ‘Polish the Canons’. According to Tynan: “I did want this build to be 1.0 for a while, but it became apparent the game […]

Rimworld Upcoming Features

Tynan Sylvester of Ludeon Studios has announced that the upcoming release (Alpha 17) will contain a number of new features as well as the usual bug fixes and optimisation tweaks. The major new features are: * Roads and rivers across the world * More storyteller incidents (hooray!) * Significantly improved enemy AI (boo!) * Improved […]

Feeding the Animals in Rimworld

Written for Rimworld version 0.16 Animal husbandry can be really useful once your Rimworld colony becomes sufficiently established. After you’ve tamed a breeding pair then you can start an animal farm to produce valuable trade goods as well as consumables such as eggs and milk. And if worse comes to worse you can always slaughter […]