Eternal Card Game 1.19

Patch 1.19 has just been released for ”’Eternal”’. For some incomprehensible reason Dire Wolf always put the official patch notes on a site that requires a login to access. So here’s a summary of the major changes:

* Updated Tutorial Campaign
This has been improved to better help get new players up to speed. It also features new cinematics and additional game lore.

* Pricing Update
Prices for Gems have been simplified and improved.

* Card Sounds
All units now have sound effects for attack and for death. Some also have sound effects or speech lines when first played. I know a lot of people love this sort of thing but I turned it off after one game. (How? Click on the gear icon for Options, go to Settings then click on the speaker next to ‘Card Voice’ to mute it).

* Observer Mode
You can now watch games your friends are playing as they take place. Allowing friends to watch your games is enabled by default (the sort of privacy-breaking thing Facebook would do!). If you want to disable it, go to Options, Gameplay and untick the ‘Enable Spectator Mode’ box.

* UI
A variety of cosmetic and usability changes. Most important for me is that the badge next to your name during battle now shows your current rank, not the one you achieved last season.

As well as that lot there are a large number of bug fixes. No new cards this time and no balance changes, so nothing likely to affect the meta.