Eternal 1.2 : Distant Lands

Dire Wolf has released a new patch for its Eternal Card Game, bringing the release number up to the magic 1.20. So what’s in it?

Well, there are the usual selection of bug fixes and UI improvements, along with an assortment of language localizations. There was a suggestion that Rapid Shot might be nerfed from a 1 Power cost to 2, however that seems to have been dropped – maybe next time?

There’s also a new promo: Distant Lands. Your first PvP win of the day (up to a maximum of four) will earn you a copy of two new cards: Alpine Tracker and Oathbreaker.

Another minor but interesting point: when you buy a booster pack from the store its name is now ‘The Empty Throne’. Presumably this is to stress that it contains cards from set one. The fact that this is necessary strongly suggests (at least to me) that card set two might be on the way soon. Happy face.