Eternal Deck Build: Empower

This is an old post, information on this page may now be out of date

Power is very important in the Eternal card game; you’ll want to be playing a Power card almost every turn. The idea of an Empower deck is to make use of that fact by triggering the Empower skill.

So what is Empower? It’s a unit ability that fires each and every time you play a Power card. The effect can be anything, either offensive or defensive. Normally you can only play one Power card a turn but if you do manage to play more than one (see below) then Empower triggers each time.

As with all my deck suggestions I’m not going to give you a ready-to-import card list, rather I’m going to suggest a Legendary free skeleton for you to build on.

Card List

For an Empower deck build you’re going to want to be using the Justice and Time factions, a combination known as Combrei.

Support Cards

Before getting on to the Empower cards themselves, there are a couple of support cards you’ll want to include:

* Combrei Emissary
Whilst this card is on the battlefield, you can play an additional Power card each turn. That means additional triggering of any Empower skills.

* Voice Of The Speaker
This unit gives all your Power cards the Echo ability, so whenever you draw one you draw a second copy. You can still only play one a turn – unless you have Combrei Emissary in play as well.

* Protect
Combrei Emissary, Voice of the Speaker and Order of the Spire (see below) are lightning rods for your opponent’s remove or silence spells. So giving them an Aegis can be very useful.

Empower Cards

Now that we’ve got the support cards in place, let’s look at the cards with Empower skill. These are the ones I think work best with this deck:

* Order Of The Spire
An automatic four copy pick. Every time you play a power card you double Order’s attack and health. You only need do that a few times to get a very powerful unit.

* Awakened Student
Not as powerful as Order of the Spire, it only gains +1/+1 per Power played. However it’s cheap and those buffs can soon add up.

* Sanctuary Priest
A cheap drop for early turns, this gives you a +1 health boost for every Power you play.

* Pillar Of Amar
Every time you play a Power card, you also get a 5/5 Sentinel token played directly to the board. At 7 power this isn’t a cheap card, but it can really make a difference in the later game – especially if you have Combrei Emissary still in play.

* Flight Lieutenant
This gives all your units Flight any turn where you play a Power card. If your opponent doesn’t have fliers, this can let your entire army soar over their heads. An expensive late-game card, probably just worth including a single copy.

Remove Cards

As well as those – and any other Empower cards that take your fancy – you’ll need something to deal with your opponent’s forces. Here’ what I’d suggest:

* Harsh Rule
A must-have for any Justice deck, the only question is how many copies of this board-wipe card to include. Remember that it kills your units as well and that Aegis won’t protect your from your own spells. So this is a last resort emergency card – I include one or two copies.

* Vanquish
Less powerful but more directed than Harsh Rule, this kills a single unit with 4 or more attack. Worth including a couple to pick off the really powerful enemy units.

* Decay
This card kills an enemy attachment. I include it in this deck to get rid of any curse the opponent puts on you such as Azindel’s Gift or to remove a useful Relic from the opponent.

Power Cards

That’s the body of the deck sorted, now we think about Power cards. Since this deck is based around playing Power, don’t skimp on these. You’ll probably also want to include several copies of Seek Power and maybe one each of Rolant’s Favor and Talir’s Favored.

That’s it, now just hope the RNG doesn’t decide to power starve you!