Eternal Deck Build: Kleptomaniac

This is an old post, information on this page may now be out of date

How do you beat an enemy stronger than yourself? Use their own strength against them, grasshopper.

Well that’s one way of looking at this deck build for the Eternal Card Game. Another is that it’s an evil deck designed to annoy your opponent and screw up their plans!

The basic idea is to steal as many of the opponent’s cards as possible. If you’re lucky you might get a card you can use, but that’s a bonus. The main objective is to ruin their strategy. Most people build decks with the bare minimum of 75 cards and no slack. So depriving them of a single key card can make a big difference. Depriving them of two or three can make the deck unplayable.

And what you can’t steal… you destroy.

Theft and removal means Shadow, so that has to be this deck’s primary faction. You can match the basic idea up with any other faction or even run it monochrome. I tend to use Primal; the combination of Primal and Shadow is called Feln.

As with all my deck suggestions I’m not going to give you a ready-to-import card list, rather I’m going to suggest a Legendary free skeleton for you to build on.

Card List

* Pilfer
Steal a card from the opponent’s deck for a cost of 1 Power. Four of these go in my deck and if I don’t get one of these and/or a Fallen Oni in the initial draw I Mulligan.

* Fallen Oni
When you play this, your opponent discards the top unit of their deck. Especially useful against a deck built around Warcry. As with Pilfer, four of these go in the Klepto deck.

* Sabotage
Causes your opponent to discard a spell or attachment of your choice from their hand. Very useful in the early game, less so later. I use 1 or 2 of these.

* Subvert
You draw a random card from your opponent’s hand. Again more useful at the start of the game, maybe use 2 of these.

* Rain Of Frogs
Choose a non-power card in your opponent’s hand and turn every copy of it they have into a 1/1 frog. If you’re playing a Feln version of this deck then this is a must, probably 2 copies.

* Cabal Recruiter
This card has an infiltrate skill that lets you not just steal but play the top unit of your enemy’s deck. Extremely powerful if you can do it, but of course it will be a target for opposition removal. I tend to just include a single copy of this.

They’re the cards for use before your opponent plays a unit. Once their units are on the battlefield you will want remove spells like Deathstrike (3 or 4 copies), Execute and Suffocate. From the Feln, Feeding Time is also useful.

That’s the core of the deck, but you’ll also need to be able to actually do some damage to your opponent. For Shadow I like to use a couple of Xenan Destroyers and four Umbren Reaper. If you’re playing a Feln version of this deck then consider a couple of copies of Recurring Nightmare and Thunderstrike Dragon.

Messing up your opponent’s plans like this is great fun. Sometimes a well timed steal will cause them to instantly concede when they don’t really need to, even if they play on they’ll often be on tilt.