How To Get Warp Cells In NMS

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No Man’s Sky is all about exploring the universe, which means travelling between star systems. To do that you need a constant supply of fuel for your Hyperdrive. This fuel comes in the form of glowing green Warp Cells.

The game gives you your first Warp Cell early on, after that you’ll have to procure your own. So where do you find them? Well, there are a few around but in general you’ll need to make your own.

Warp Cell Guide

Once you have the relevant technology blueprints then creating a Warp Cell is a relatively simple four step crafting chain. You can shortcut the process by buying feedstock materials from some trade terminals. Once you have an Atlas Pass V1 you can find many of the feedstock materials and occasionally even a completed warp cell in the cylindrical containers found near some waypoints (in particular Depots).

Starting from scratch the process is:

* Step 1: Suspension Fluid
Crafted from 50 Carbon

* Step 2: Electron Vapor
Crafted from 1 Suspension Fluid plus 100 Plutonium

* Step 3: Antimatter
Crafted from 1 Electron Vapor plus 50 Heridium and 20 Zinc

* Step 4: Warp Cell
Crafted from 1 Antimatter plus 100 Thamium9

So adding all that up, the total list of resources you’ll need to build one Warp Cell recipe from scratch is:

  • 50 Carbon
  • 100 Plutonium
  • 50 Heridium
  • 20 Zinc
  • 100 Thamium9

Fortunately all these are fairly easy to find on hospitable planets.