Hearthstone Deck Import/Export

The latest Hearthstone update from Blizzard has added a number of new features, perhaps the most sought after of which is the ability to import and export deck lists. This will allow you to share your favourite deck lists with friends, import the best decks published on websites, etc.

Hearthstone import and export works in conjunction with your system clipboard – in other words the copy/paste function.

How To Export A Hearthstone Deck

To export a deck, go into ‘My Collection’ and click the relevant Hero icon. An option will now pop up allowing you to Copy the deck. This places the deck list into the system clipboard.

To share your deck, you now go into another app – for example a text editor – and hit Paste. Save the document and share/email/publish it.

How To Import A Hearthstone Deck

If you’ve downloaded a deck build or received one from a friend, in order to Import it into Hearthstone you need to copy it into your system clipboard. One way of doing this is to open the document, select all, then use the Copy function. Alternatively you might be able to highlight the text on screen and press Copy.

Now when you’re in the game and go to create a new deck, Hearthstone will ask you if you want to use the list in the clipboard.

Of course you still need to own the relevant cards to actually use the deck! If you don’t have them all then your newly created deck will act like a Recipe and show the cards you don’t own as insubstantial.