No Man’s Sky 1.2: Pathfinder Update

Hello Games has released a new patch for the universe exploration game No Man’s Sky. Although ‘patch’ is the wrong word for this massive update, it’s almost a new game.

There’s a huge amount in this release, known as the Path Finder Update, here are the highlights:

  • Exocraft
    You can now build planetary vehicles, once you obtain the required technology from a Vy’keen technician. You can also build a time trial circuit on your home planet to challenge the driving skills of yourself and others.
  • Base Building & Sharing
    Base building gains a big boost, albeit largely an aesthetic one, with the addition of over 40 new base parts plus new decals and materials. Details of your creation can be shared via Steam to encourage visitors.
  • Ship Specialisation
    Spaceships now come in different classes: Shuttle, Fighter, Hauler or Explorer. Ships also have a rating within their class of C, B, A or S. Once you own a freighter you can no own multiple ships and keep them in the freighter’s launch bay hangar.
  • Multi Tool Specialisation
    As with ships, multi-tools now have specialisations (Pistol, Rifle, Experimental and Alien) along with class ratings.
  • Technology
    There are new weapon technologies for starships and multitools. More significantly there is also a new currency – Nanite Clusters – that you can use to buy tech blueprints from alien traders. Each race specialises in a different technology and the selection of blueprints available to buy will be affected by your standing with that race.
  • Permadeath Mode
    For those that thought ‘Survival’ mode was too wimpy… I don’t think I’ll be playing this mode!

With all that lot plus a host of graphic and UI improvements plus general tweaking this update really is big. When NMS was first released it was one of the biggest disappointments of 2016. With the Foundation Update it became a playable game. With the Path Finder update it looks like becoming the sort of game I was originally hoping for.

You can read the full patch notes here.