No Man’s Sky Rigogen Farming

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Rigogen is an element unique to the No Man’s Sky (NMS) universe. It doesn’t exist in our world and there doesn’t seem to be any equivalent. In NMS it’s rare and difficult to find.

Rigogen is classed as a rare, exotic element and has chemical symbol Ri.

What Is Rigogen Used For?

Rigogen is an essential element in the crafting of several items: Albumen Pearl Orb (plant), Copper Wire and NipNip. That makes it necessary for completing the quests related to your base and its employees.

Albumen Pearls are extremely valuable and sell at a base price of just under 20,000 units each. Growing these is one of the best ways of farming for cash, so a good supply of rigogen is really useful to help you earn money fast.

You can also sell rigogen on the galactic trade network, but for some reason it only has a base value of about 41.

How To Get Rigogen

OK, so rigogen is extremely useful, how do we get hold of it? It’s not easy and the game offers no clues. Here’s how you can’t get it: you can’t buy it, you can’t grow it and you can’t locate it with a scanner.

You have to find it yourself and farm it from the wild.

Which is difficult because rigogen doesn’t show up on your scanner. What about a planet scan, does rigogen show up there? Nope, no such luck. Finding it is trial and error.

If you’re having trouble finding rigogen anywhere (I spent ages looking for it!) then there’s one thing you need to know: it only grows in the water. So you need to find a watery planet to explore and go underwater swimming.

Rigogen occurs in the relatively shallow waters where other flora also grows. Some planets have large amounts of rigogen growing, some none at all – there doesn’t seem to be any way of determining in advance which is which.

Since rigogen doesn’t show up on your scanner you’ll have to use your eyeballs to find it. Which means you need to know…

What Does Rigogen Look Like?

Rigogen plantRigogen is a growing plant that comes in several forms. However they all share one feature: glowing white pieces.

The most common type of rigogen plant is the one shown in the picture here. This usually grows upwards and has what looks like glowing white berries. Other forms have different glowing white shapes which look more like leaves or possibly fruit.

So you need to get underwater and look for plants with white, glowing berries or leaves. Then you go up to them and use your mining beam in your multitool as normal.

Simple, huh?