Carbon In No Man’s Sky

This is an old post, information on this page may now be out of date In our universe, carbon (chemical symbol C) is an essential element for life. All life as we know it – animal or vegetable – is based around the organic chemistry of carbon. Carbon compounds released into the atmosphere also contribute […]

Hearthstone Deck Import/Export

The latest Hearthstone update from Blizzard has added a number of new features, perhaps the most sought after of which is the ability to import and export deck lists. This will allow you to share your favourite deck lists with friends, import the best decks published on websites, etc. Hearthstone import and export works in […]

Spotlight: Niche, a Genetics Survival Game

Spotlight review Niche is a genetics based breeding/survival game from Stray Fawn Studio. It’s currently in early access mode at version 0.4.1 What Is Niche? Niche is all about genetics. You are in control of a small pack of animals and you tell them where to explore, what food to gather and, most importantly, who […]

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