Rimworld Beta 19: Polish the Canons

Earlier this year, Tynan Sylvester said that the next release of Rimworld would be the much anticipated “1.0”. However things have changed and the new release is in fact beta 19, subtitled ‘Polish the Canons’.

According to Tynan:

“I did want this build to be 1.0 for a while, but it became apparent the game would benefit from one more refinement round, so we’re doing Beta 19 first. I very much want the 1.0 version to be worthy of its version number, which means not rushing it.”

Which seems very sensible to me.

Regardless of its name, this is still a huge update with many, many improvements, fixes and new features. Here are a few of the things that caught my eye:

  • Rivers, lakes etc on the map are more important. You can now build bridges, watermill generators and waterproof conduits
  • Faction diplomacy has been significantly enhanced
  • Major changes to the caravan system (which IMO was pretty much broken before)
  • Reworking of the algorithm for wild plant growing
  • Incorporation of features from a couple of ‘must have’ mods with opportunistic hauling and automatic rebuilding
  • Prosthetic and bionic body parts can be crafted. Options include a prosthetic heart as well as bionic hearts, spines and stomachs
  • Lots of quality of life improvements to the interface
    • Phew. And that’s just a small selection of the improvements in this version, there are many more. You can read the full list of changes here.

      So what does this mean for 1.0? Tynan says:

      “I’m hoping to keep further changes to technical fixes and optimizations from here to 1.0. I’m not against some design changes but nothing structural or destabilizing. That’s the hope.”

      Rimworld Beta 19 is now available. If you have the Steam version it should auto update, if you’ve bought the DRM free version then you can download it from the usual location.